International Standards

International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers and Members of their Families

CEDAW General Recommendation No. 26 on Migrant Workers

Migration for Employment Convention (Revised), 1949

Migrant Workers (Supplementary Provisions) Convention 1975

The International Convention on Migrant Workers and its Committee, OHCHR Fact sheet no. 24 (Rev.1)

ILO standards on Migrant Workers

International and Regional Organisations

International Labour Organisation is the international organization responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labour standards. It is the only ‘tripartite’ United Nations agency that brings together representatives of governments, employers and workers to jointly shape policies and programmes promoting Decent Work for all.

ILO on gender and migrant workers

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development empowers women in the region to use law as an instrument of change for equality, justice, peace and development. APWLD uses research, training, advocacy and activism to claim and strengthen women’s human rights as enshrined in UN international human rights instruments.
APWLD on Migrant Domestic Workers

National Organisations

The Women and Media Collective is a women’s organisation which aims to bring about change based on feminist principles for a society free from violence which would pave the way for a balanced representation of women in decision-making and governance, and advocate for non-discriminatory laws and policies.
Handbook for migrant workers in Sinhala and Tamil

Centre for Women Development Studies is a research institute established to develop, promote and disseminate knowledge about women’s roles in society and economic trends which affect women’s lives and status at.
Gender and Migration: Negotiating rights a woman’s perspective

UN Women