With the adoption of its Constitution in 1956, Pakistan became an ‘Islamic, Federal, Parliamentary Republic.’ The Constitution of 1956 was abrogated in 1958 following a coup, and in 1962 the new Constitution was again abrogated, and power given to the Army. In 1973, a new Constitution was endorsed and Article 1 of the 1973 Constitution declares Pakistan to be ‘a Federal Republic to be known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.’ Islam is the state religion under Article 2, and a parliamentary system of governance was introduced. Article 25(2) of the Constitution states, ‘There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex alone’ – however, Article 26(2) observes that ‘Nothing in clause (1) shall prevent the State from making any special provision for women and children.

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Date of Signature  N/A
Date of Ratification/Accession 12 Mar 1996 (a)
Initial, Second and Third Reporting Cycle   
State Party’s Report 2005 Click here.
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