The Constitution of Bhutan was enacted in 2008. Article 1 of the 2008 Constitution declares Bhutan to be a ‘sovereign Kingdom and the sovereign power belongs to the people of Bhutan.’ Buddhism is proclaimed as the spiritual heritage under Article 3 of the Constitution, and ‘it shall be the responsibility of religious institutions and personalities to promote the spiritual heritage of the country while also ensuring that religion remains separate from politics in Bhutan.’ Article 7 of the Constitution (‘All persons are equal before the law and are entitled to equal and effective protection of the law and shall not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, sex, language, religion, politics or other status’) provides for equal protection before the law.

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Date of Signature  N/A
Date of Ratification/Accession 6/11/1984(a)
Initial to Sixth Reporting Cycle  
State Party’s Report 2003 Click here [1], [2].
Concluding Observations   2004 Click here.
Seventh Reporting Cycle
State Party’s Report 2007 Click here.
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Follow-up Report 2013 Click here.
Eighth & Ninth Reporting Cycle
State Party’s Report 2015 Click here.
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