The Interim Constitution of Nepal came into force on January 15, 2007. At present, the elected Constituent Assembly is in the process of drafting a new Constitution. Article 4 of the Interim Constitution declares Nepal to be ‘an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive and a fully democratic state.’ Article 63(4) of the Interim Constitution states that the Constituent Assembly shall include representation of marginalised groups, including women, and that at least one third of the Assembly should comprise of women. Nepal has not been able to meet the deadlines set for establishing a new Constitution as yet.

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Year Link
Date of Signature  05/02/1991
Date of Ratification/Accession 22/04/1991
Initial Report  
State Party’s Report 1998 Click here.
Concluding Observations 1999 Click here.
Second & Third Reporting Cycle  
State Party’s Report   2002 Click here.
Concluding Observations 2004 Click here.
Fourth & Fifth Reporting Cycle
State Party’s Report 2009 Click here.
Concluding Observations 2011 Click here.
Follow-up Report 2015 Click here.
Shadow Report 2011 Click here.


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