PLD is organizing a training workshop on the new laws relating to sexual violence, on October 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th of 2014. This workshop seeks to understand the challenges and working of each of the 3 laws on sexual offences in detail, and take stock of their implementation. The discussion would include:

-Gaining clarity on the three laws : the new offences, their scope, potential and limits
-Sharing legal/ paralegal strategies and experiences regarding our engagements with the new law
-Strategies for working through institutional inertia, morality discourses, victim blaming and counter-charges
-Understanding challenges specific to the application of these laws in different contexts
-Sharing, disseminating and receiving feedback on information material and resources on the new laws

This workshop will focus on strategies and application. All participants will be expected to being with them examples of challenges they navigated and successful strategies to contribute towards collective learning. This part of a series of initiatives by PLD on sexuality, sexual violence and law, to discuss, question, reflect and learn together. All those interested in participating may apply.

Duration and Methodology: In addition to the 4 days of the workshop, those who participate must allocate two extra days as travel time. This is a residential workshop. The participants will be required to read resource material given out, and may bring materials/films to share with others, and participate in sessions including in the evening sessions.

Who may apply- The workshop is open to activists with at least 3 years of experience, as lawyers, paralegals, social workers, academics and counselors. Affiliation to an organization or collective activism is desirable but not necessary. The workshop can accommodate about 25 participants. The resource pool will comprise of lawyers , researchers and academics with a background of activism on various facets of sexual violence.

Apply through application forms only. You can download the forms here.

Workshop dates: 1st October, 2014- 4th October, 2014

Registration Fee: A registration fee of Rs 1000 will be charged from participants.

Application form attached. Last date for applying : 31st August, 2014


TAGS: Sexual Violence, Sexuality

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