Nearly a quarter of men surveyed by UN Report in Asia Pacific admit to committing rape

In a UN led study on men and violence against women carried out in 6 countries in the Asia Pacific region, around 25% of the men surveyed have admitted to raping at least once in their lives. The study, carried out by the UN, collected data from more than 10,000 men and 3000 women form 2010 to 2013, and covered 6 nations- Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka. The report reveals that at least 10% of the surveyed men admitted to having raped a woman who was not their partner. The figure rose to 25% when rape of a partner was included. Tellingly, nearly 70% of all the men surveyed reported suffering no legal consequences for their actions.

The report can be accessed here-p4p-report

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