Article 2 of the new 2008 Constitution of the Maldives states that ‘The Maldives is a sovereign, independent, democratic Republic based on the principles of Islam and is a unitary State…’ Article 10 (a) of the Constitution clarifies that the State religion is Islam and Article 10 (b) states that ‘No law contrary to any tenet of Islam shall be enacted in the Maldives.’ Article 17 deals with the principle of non discrimination and states that ‘Everyone is entitled to the rights and freedoms included in this Chapter without discrimination of any kind, including race, national origin, colour, sex, age, mental or physical disability, political or other opinion, property, birth or other status, or native island.’ Article 17(b) is an exception to the principle and provides for affirmative action to disadvantaged individuals or groups but does not specifically mention women.

Reports submitted by Maldives to the CEDAW Commitee and Concluding Observations

Initial report
CEDAW Committee’s concluding comments on the initial report

Combined second and third periodic report
CEDAW Committee’s concluding observations on the combined second and third report

 Combined fourth and fifth periodic report



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