REPORT: The World We Want – Looking Beyond 2015 (Voices from India)

India’s role in relation to the MDG effort has a dual significance: one the on hand it is seen as a key contributor to the achievement of specific goals, but on the other – and perhaps more importantly – it is directly responsible for the well being of over one-third of the world’s poor, thus […]

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Retrenchment and Indirect Discrimination

Women’s rights advocates often appear to enjoy seizing a clear case of direct discrimination against women – one so obviously unfair that it is a pleasure to sink their teeth into it and fight for justice that has been so clearly denied. However, beyond these important cases, there is another looming challenge for the women’s […]

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No straitjacket formula to determine consent in rape: SC

While adjudicating upon a case of alleged rape, where the question of consent was the issue, the Supreme Court observed that sex with the consent of the girl on a promise to marry her will not constitute rape unless it was shown that such consent was obtained by the man under coercion or threat. In […]

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Workshop organised by Partners for Law in Development (PLD) in New Delhi 27th – 31stOctober, 2012 PLD organised a five-day residential workshop on the women’s movement’s engagement with the criminal law in addressing violence against women. The objective was to revisit the feminist legal debates around specific issues such as sexual assault, sexuality, sex work, […]

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Woman! Adjust!?!

About fifteen years ago, when a colleague joined my office, she was aghast with what she heard in the Court on the very first day of work. It was a matrimonial case and the Judge simply was forcing the wife to go back to her husband although she was completely unwilling. It was brought to […]

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