Optional Protocol Status

This page highlights the country-specific information on the ratification status, reservations, and declarations pertaining to the Optional Protocol to CEDAW Convention by the South Asian countries. This information was updated on 5 July 2017. For the latest information, please visit the UN website.

State Parties Date of Signature Date of Ratification/ Accession (a) Reservation
Afghanistan None None None
Bangladesh 06/092000 06/09/2000 Declaration: “The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh declares in accordance with Article 10 (1) thereof, that it would not undertake the obligations arising out of Articles 8 and 9 of the said Optional Protocol.”
Bhutan None None None
India None None None
Maldives None 13/04/2006(a) None
Nepal 18/12/2001 15/06/2007 None
Pakistan None None None
Sri Lanka None 15/10/2002 (a) None

Source: United Nations Treaty Collection

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