Call for NGOs: Right to life – new general comment (UN HRCtee)

The UN Human Rights Committee is working now on a new draft of its General Comment on the right to life. General Comments provide the official interpretation of the ICCPR provisions, and they are used by all actors involved, including the Committee itself, civil society and State parties.

The idea of this specific general comment is not new, and ILGA, as well as other organisations, such as Kaleidoscope and ICJ, have already provided our comments to an earlier concept note in 2015. Now the more detailed draft is being discussed, and it would be really important to ensure that SOGIESC are properly included in the GC framework.

Civil society representatives could send their comments to the draft by 6 October 2017. It is worth noting that the HRCtee is the most open committee among the UN Treaty Bodies (for example, it addressed SOGIESC in 100% of its country reviews this year), and NGO submissions are taken seriously by the Committee members.

ILGA is going to make a submission on SOGIESC for the new draft general comment, and we would be happy to coordinate this work. If you want to participate in drafting, please contact us (ideally by 17 August 2017).

The current version of the draft(references to LGBTI in paras 27, 40 and 64). More information on the process here:


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